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How to Construct a Simple Deck

Having a deck in the backyard is every home owner’s dream as it creates that outdoor comfort and sophistication. However, the high cost of constructing a deck is a huge put-off especially for a homeowner with a minimal budget. This should not be the case as there is an easy way you can construct your own classy deck.

Below is a simple procedure to follow when constructing your own deck even when you lack professional carpentry skills:

Materials needed

  • 2*6 beams that are pressure-treated
  • Deck piers made of concrete
  • Measuring tape
  • Miter saw
  • Pebbles
  • Herbs barrier
  • 2*4 inches framing wood
  • Wood planner that could be rented
  • Paint roller
  • Water seal
  • Deck screws for outdoor use
  • Tile spacers
  • Jig saw
  • A sealer for use in weatherproofing
  • Paint edger

Once you have the materials ready follow these simple procedures:

Step 1: Make the deck plan

For a low-level deck, you will need to take the 2*6 treated beams that will be 24 inches apart. These will be supported by the concrete decks which should be placed 8 feet apart.

Step 2: Deck footings placement

To lower the cost of construction, you can construct a deck that will not need stairs. Dig down the cement-made deck piers as close to the house as possible and ensure that the distance between them is perfect. Make sure that the piers are on the same level by doing working on one deck before going to the other. Pebbles can be placed at the base of the piers to reduce sliding.

Before burying the piers, check to ensure that they are all on the same level. The slots in which the wood will be placed should not be too low so that the wood will not touch the ground.

Deck footing image

Step 3: Lay down the support beams on the deck piers:

Work on one beam before going to the other just in case the distance between the piers varies. If the wood is not large enough to cover the distance between the piers, you can use two joints to help cover the distance.

Step 4: Bury the deck piers:

Before doing this, use a herbicide to kill every weed or grass that may be growing on the ground you are constructing the deck. This will prevent weeds from penetrating through the finished deck. After the spray, you can bury the deck piers.

Step 5: Get the deck wood ready:

If you can get the Douglas fir wood, it would be the best option as it is cheap and very strong.  Make sure that the wood has a similar height and make the rough surfaces smooth. Smoothening will only be needed for the top surface which will be visible.

Step 6: make the lower side of the deck wood waterproof:

This can be done by applying a water seal as well as a paint roller on the wood. By doing this, it will ensure that the wood will not rot or decompose in the near future. The top side of the deck wood will not be waterproofed as it will be sealed.

Step 7: Put the decking planks in place:

Though it may consume a lot of time, the process is not complicated. You may need some help in holding the beam so that you can put the screws in place. ¼ inches tile spacers can be placed between the boards and two screws added to each joist.

Decking planks in place

Step 8: Put end-caps in place:

These are simple woods 1*6 inches that are placed on the ends of the deck which gives a finished appearance.

A simple end-cap

Step 9: Prepare to stain the top surface of the deck:

This is a process of ensuring that no screw is protruding as these may cause accidents as people walk on the deck. Place sand on the end-caps to make the corners smooth; the screws too could be covered with a little sand to avoid any splinters that may accidentally appear.

Step 10: Seal the deck:

This may be done by use of a weatherproofing seal which is available in a variety of colors. Before adding a coat on top of the other, ensure that the previous one is dry. Do not place anything on the deck before it is completely dry


Step 11: Decorate the deck:

This is a personalized process and you can place anything that appeals to you including outdoor lights, plant, furniture, overhanging umbrella or even a grill.

Photo of a complete deck

Your deck is complete and ready for use!